Strephon Says Life perspective from philosopher-psychologist Strephon Kaplan-Williams

Carl Gustav Jung

Images of Jung used as part of the theme of acknowledges Jung as the perhaps greatest realized being of our modern age and a direct influence on how Strephon Kaplan-Williams lives his own life. Strephon acknowledges Jung and the historical teachings of Jesus as the two primaries that influenced his early adult life. Now his direction in life comes directly from his own dreamwork also.

Excerpts from
"My Life With C.G. Jung And A Few Of His Followers"

'The Senoi way was to live the life of the dream in community in addition for a powerful change factor. So it was then that I went to work as Chief Therapist at another Jungian based organization, St. George Homes, Inc., founded and run by Dorothea Romankiw.

We became good friends, despite her being a hard task master. I learned from her that since the archetypes were impersonal in the collective unconscious, true healing also was not personal. In community the shadow, the persona, the self, the anima, the animus, were aspects of ourselves to be acted out creatively as well as integrated within ourselves.

Then, with the founding of the Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Institute in 1977, I united the two forms of dreamwork into the Jungian-Senoi methodology which became the first dreamwork manual ever published and the first professional training program in dreamwork methodology not associated with any one school of psychology.'

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