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"About your books" - Manuel Laza Zerón

Christine Breese D.D., Ph.D. review Dreamworking positive quote

Susan Harrow, CEO of and author of "Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul"

Terri Minowicz on "Dream Cards"

Elizabeth Pertsevoi

"your book" Paul

Thanks from Peter



"Thanks for your studies about the dreams. It is a very interesting way to learn spirituality. Thanks, sir!"
"Dreamworking: A Comprehensive Guide To Working With Dreams (1991) by Strephon Kaplan-Williams is a huge book with multitudes of exercises and a focus on self healing through dreamwork. “Comprehensive Guide” is an understatement about this book! I don’t believe that there could be any other work that has as many tips and precision guidance through exercises for dreams and interpreting those dreams. If this book isn’t famous, it should be."

I want you to know that your books had a profound impact on me - I read them many, many years ago and still have them. I pay much attention to my dreams
as they are a real guiding force.

Warm regards,
Susan Harrow"
"I purchased your Dream Cards years ago when I was struggling with nightmares. My visions were varied, but the mood of the dreams was always extreme, violent, and negative for many years. I worked with your cards on a daily basis and they literally turned my life around. Clearly they helped me to work through many personal issues, as now my dreams are beautiful, inviting, and incredibly sensual. I am at peace."
"Mr. Kaplan-Williams,
I used to have a set of your dream cards and absolutely LOVED them."
"Hello Strephon,

I have your book, 'Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual' (1982 edition).
A friend was bloging about dream symbology, and i was writing them back that most of these dream dictionaries of meanings of symbols don't have the same meanings in different cultures around the world. Because of that I looked you up to see what the online world had and here you are, with video's & blogs. I'll be spending sometime here, to learn what you have to say.

I liked your 'We are what we do"

thank you
Dear Sir,

I want to sincerely thank you for generously sharing your wisdom. Your views are inspiring and enriching.

Kind regards,

“In my own life as a teenager I had a remarkable high school teacher who showed charisma in not only talking about significant ideas but also living them in his interactions with us students. Warren Stetzel recommended Gandhi’s Autobiography and it was a book that helped me gain perspective on my life purpose. But it was Warren the man and teacher who challenged me positively to change.”

Warren had his teacher also in the philosopher, Gerald Heard, who came from England to have students in Los Angeles, California.

These early books and teachers were a decisive influence in my young life that laid the perspective I was to live from in producing my own work in writing books and helping change lives for the better.

"We need both the book and a significant person living the approach to make significant changes for ourselves in how we live life", says Strephon.
Of course we want to trust before getting into something, so reports by others can be important. There is always Google Search.

If there is someone else you find whose work and person you trust, and they recommend someone, then you are going to have a look at that, right?

Strephon has been called the best dream researcher after Freud and Jung, by a Romanian transpersonal psychologist-professor. Who knows of course what the impact on history will be. Such impact takes time to build.

Ram Dass also praised Strephon’s The Jungian-Senoi Dreamwork Manual way back in 1980, and it is true thousands of people bought copies of the original edition.

The best comments will come from people using the manual. One therapist reported she used the techniques with her therapy clients and recommended they own their own copy to work with.

A psychiatrist wrote a letter thanking Strephon, and said he had successfully used the Manual and its approach in helping a person overcome mental illness and get out of the hospital after a year of intense work.

What we can say is that Strephon’s dreamwork approach is based on the contributions of certain other psychologists also and represents an professional approach, rather than pop psychology.

You cannot learn the true value of the approach by reading a book and saying that book changed your life. You have to work with the techniques.

Strephon’s approach as a writer is to make his methodologies for growth available to all so that people can work on themselves with the techniques, as well as work with others if so trained.